Un-Limited Mobility

remember it like yesterday. My wife and I got married and right before the honeymoon we learned that I was a new member of the MS Family. I remember going through different areas in my life at that point. At first, I wasn't impacted as much as some people physically so I didn't think much about it. I mean I felt good. I looked healthy. I just limped every now and then and got fatigued a lot quicker. We still traveled and soon I had to learn where my "Pause Points" were, but I still didn't really feel any different. The type of MS I have is pretty gradual it could take 10 or 20 years before you are really slowing down alot for some people. So I convinced myself I was going to be some people. The doctor told me I had about 10 years left to walk. So I told myself I was going to make the best of my time. See, time can work for people in two ways. You can either let the time give you urgency and purpose or you can let the time give you anxiety and fear. If we realize what our purpose is and how we can help affect others. We can quickly realize that fear has no room next to living intentionally.

I started going back to the gym, eating right, exercising and soon I wanted to do more. I wanted to see the world. More than that, I wanted to show the world to people that can't get there or hasn't left yet. The first part of UN-Limited Mobility is the pre-fix "UN". Accurately speaking the definition for "UN" is to give opposing force to a word. Our purpose is to oppose the forces that tell you anything negative about yourself due to physical limitations in your life. You can live life mobile even if you can't walk. You can see what I mean even if you are blind and you can understand what I'm saying even if you can't hear. If you are part of the UN-Crowd, not the IN-crowd, you will quickly see that we don't just believe in living life without limitations. We make some type of game out of pushing the norm of people like us and prefer to amaze you than ask for your sympathy. The UN-Crowd is a special breed and we understand that everyone isn't willing to disconnect. That's ok. The UN-Crowd is here to set the pace. We will be here when you're ready and we will keep going if you're not. So follow us online as we chronicle, document and display great things from these Amazing People Who Live Life Without Limitations."

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