Test Drive The Model Ci In Chicagoland Area

This device has really changed my life. The work I do requires me to remain fairly mobile. Without the WHILL MODEL Ci I would not be able to continue in the same occupation.
I'm happy to meet anyone that wants to view the Model Ci as a test drive. You will be amazed at how easy it is to use and how responsive the controls are.

I've even taken the model Ci to the Bahamas, on a cruise, Asheville, Vegas, Indianapolis Zoo with me, no problem at all!

Take a look at my youtube page to see some cool videos.

Midway Village Holiday Event with the Whill Model Ci

Shopping at Woodfield Mall with the Whill Model Ci 2019

Troy Malone riding on a Whill Model Ci for the first time

Model A
Model Ci
Controller Side:
4 '- 5'2"
5'3" - 5'8"
5'9" -6'2"
Seat Depth:

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3 years ago

Hi- i'm in the New York City area so can't test drive your C1 but I wondered if you could help me. How do you reach around to recharge the battery? Can you get a full 10 miles -- or a full day of activity in an urban area? Why that and not the A or M?

Thanks, Joanne

TC Bell

3 years ago

The model that I use because I have limited mobility is the Mode Ci. The Ci's battery actually is removable and I normally take it out and charge it overnight. The distance I've found depends on the speed you choose. If you aren't really going full blast I can see it going the distance. 10 Miles is about tops I believe. I don't use the A or M because the Model Ci currently fits my needs.

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