Test Drive The Model Ci In Chicagoland Area

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Midway Village Holiday Event with the Whill Model Ci


Shopping at Woodfield Mall with the Whill Model Ci 2019


Troy Malone riding on a Whill Model Ci for the first time


I started my own lifestyle blog in support of people with physical limitations... UN-Limited Mobility

Here is some info about it below...

Imagine Your Life Without Limitations. UN-Limit Yourself. N

Follow me as we shine the light on the people who choose to want to live life fully without limitations. Even though you may have some areas of your life that are physically unable to support full function, it doesn't mean that it has to change your ability to become upwardly mobile in life, the lives of others and your community. I believe that everyone has no limit to their potential and it's our job to shed a light to the journey of those that are relentlessly seeking an UN-Limited lifestyle.

What Does UN-Limited Mobility Do?

My goal is to positively affect people in a few different areas:

  1. Multimedia - Our team of volunteer video professionals travel the globe and deliver high quality life stories and short testimonials of the journeys that our followers take to live a life without limitations.
  1. Inspiration - We truly believe that by sharing positive information and reinforcing positive habits that we can set the stage for our minds to deliver the energy our bodies need and sometimes even heal them. So we continue to stay positive in all areas, remembering that their is always the chance we can take another step forward and we can never allow ourselves to get stuck in what lies behind us.
  1. Travel - Travel changes our perspective and expands our imaginations. Although, when you are limited physically in some manner it can be difficult and for some daunting to travel into the unknown without help. So we aspire to become the guidepost for people that want to live life without limitations! We travel frequently to far off places and report through our postings on social media (short form) and blogs (long form reviews) on everything from accessibility, food, costs, pro tips & entertainment. This way you can rest assured that when you get to your destination, you are well informed on how to save yourself time and in most cases money.

Follow Us - Please go to our social media pages and share them with your friends & family. This helps us to create buzz around our cause and attract people to get help or at least become more inspired and informed.

Instagram - @un-limitedmobility

Facebook - @un-limitedmobility

Model A
Model M
Model Ci
Controller Side:
4 '- 5'2"
5'3" - 5'8"
5'9" -6'2"
Seat Depth:

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