Ashley S Bryan

Hi! My name is Ashley and I live in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. I just took my Ci on the trip of a lifetime... I can tell you all about how it did in the airport, checking it at the gate, CRUISE SHIP in a NON- accessible room, Amalfi Coast, The Vatican, Rome Colosseum, and back! It was outstanding!!! I use mine to walk my pups and to keep up with my family. I am thrilled to help anyone experience the freedom the Ci provides. Get away from the "oh, bless your heart stares" and move onto the, "wow, your chair is so high tech and cool!" comments. I can meet you in Austin, Lake Travis, San Antonio, Waco... pretty much anywhere I can get to in 90 minutes.

Become WHILLing and ABLE;-)
Ashley B
*to see how the WHILL Ci did on the trip, search on Facebook for "100% WHILL Power @AshleyB.TX"

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